‘World Food Day’ With TedxJaipur At OTH |

In a run-up to the World Food Day, TEDxJaipur pledged its support to the cause of eliminating hunger by organizing a TEDxJaipur Adventure activity in association with On The House (OTH) on 14th October 2016.

World Food Day is a day of action against hunger where people around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime.

TEDxJaipur therefore gathered food-lovers & thought leaders of Jaipur to engross in exciting food making activities where they came together and talked about food scarcity, food wastage and exchanged ideas on how food issues could be resolved.

Five noteworthy facts about the TedxJaipur Event

1. Theme: Avoid Food Wastage


Ideas:  Ajit Sharma (Global TEDx Ambassador & Curator – TEDxJaipur) highlighted the need of the hour to combat food problems and be sensitive towards the wastage of food and Dushyant Singh, owner of OTH, shared ideas around all restaurant & café owners could sustainably manage the leftover food.


Execution: Everyone in the house (at On The House) was given a Tedx Aparon and a Chef Cap and was turned into a Chef with two tasks at hand, first cook and then “Empty Your Plate”.

2. The Participants




The bloggers from the city met this time not to blog but to cook, and it was fun.

Along with the food bloggers eminent personalities like Dharmendra Kanwar, Aparna Sahay, Rishi Miglani, Apra Kucchal, Doorva Sharma and Hemant Ambwani were also present.

3. The menu


International cuisines: Couscous Salad, Sliders, Bruschetta and Cup- Cakes.

4. Food For Thought

 Ms Aparna Sahay and Ms Dharmendar Kanwar spoke about the importance of sustainablility and shared a couple of ideas to attain that.

5. The Takeaway


As humans we should be careful about our nature & surroundings and that we all collectively have a moral responsibility for the coming generations.

Action: On behalf of every participant present, TEDxJaipur also pledged to donate equivalent amount of food to the poor & needy people in the city.

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