Water Ballet By Adittee Somani @ Stripes.Inc .

Adittee Somani, the professional trainer at Stripes Inc., has come up with yet another creative way to do ballet. This time in water.


Five Things that have changed with the advent of under water ballet

1. Older people can now live thier Ballet dreams. Water ballet is less stressful because the joints move easier in water.

2. It improves flexibility by leaps and bounds compared to land exercises.

3. Its is doable and tiring in equal proportions. You will tire out more in water because it increases muscle endurance.

4. You will be able to hold your posture better as water supports half of your body wight.

5. And the most important – have fun and learn a new dance form in a different way.

Highlight: Exclusive batch of only 12 ladies

When: 3rd – 13th June 2016

What Time: 7-8 pm

Contact: +918290777585

Where: Hotel Mandawa Haveli, Sansaar Chandra Road, Jaipur

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