The Top Wedding Photographers To Capture Your D Day |

You have secured an ideal venue, are collaborating with a planner who anticipates your every need : your decor, dress and flowers. They can all look perfect on the day of wedding, but it’s the skillful shooting that will shape your memories of the day as you look back on your event’s styling and spontaneous moments.

Here are the top shutterbugs to capture every moment of your wedding day, straight from our rolodex. 

1. Devasyah Studios

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Devasyah Studios work with a goal to tell their client’s unique wedding story through the photographs that they take, as well as the techniques that they use. Their approach is unobtrusive and editorial, with just the right mix of beautiful portraits of the client, their family and friends. This style allows them to document the real, unscripted moments that happen at a wedding, capturing true emotions and relationships.

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Contact: +917737207898

2. Sana Chowdhary photography




Sana Chowdhary is a Jaipur based Freelance Photographer specialising in Portraiture. Get in touch with her for Creative Portraits and Contemporary Wedding Photography.

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Contact: 096603 28001

3. Priyal Sokhiya Photography





Priyal Sokhiya does everything  from candid Wedding Photography, Pre – Post Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Portfolio and Fashion Photography. And she does it all good.

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Contact: 087640 41024

4. Sonal Sukheeja Photography





As a candid wedding photographer, She works with her clients to convert moments of their special day into memories for life.

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Contact: 1-404-935-1104

5. Khachakk Studios





Be it a Grand Wedding, a big Ceremony or just a simple Birthday Bash, “khachakk” will make it more special with its unique style of captures. They believe that a beautifully composed photograph can make each & every moment equally special, & that differentiates it from just a snapshot.

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Contact: 91-78779 88893

6. Chintu Pathak Photography



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For Chintu Phathak, Wedding photography started in a very casual way when he clicked randomly in one of his friend’s sister wedding. He sold my car in order to buy my first professional camera. He has been featured in India’s top wedding Magazine “ Wedding Affair “ in the year 2012 & 2015.

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Contact: 91-94142 82955

7. AV Photography




Abhishek Verma’s style of photography is candid – capturing and keeping that perfect moment for his clients in that frame. He plays with colors and shapes in the photos he clicks, which talk deeply about his passion and love for photography

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Contact: 91-77374 57508

8. Memoirs Photography




They are a professional photography team based in Jaipur, Rajasthan adding contemporary and stylish flair to wedding photography, portraiture and commercial photography.

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Contact: 090245 77771
9. Tej’s Photography
An avid lover of art, beauty and design, my work usually revolves around the same. The desire of making something unique and not adhering to one genre has made his work on assignments of varied nature.
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Contact: 91-97837 09663
10. Studio Renee
Studio Renée takes you on a journey of capturing the best moments of the occasion, business, product, and relationships. Their areas of work are varied and they take on assignments for Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography, Catalogue Photography and Interior Photography besides Graphic Designing, Company Branding, Website & Logo Designing.
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Contact:  +91 9887193354
11. Adityendra Solanki Photography
Adityendra describes himself as an Art Photographer who specializes in candid, wedding, pre-wedding and nature photography. His photography is truly soul touching & his photos have the power to leave a long lasting impression on viewers. And when it comes to awards and prizes he values the client feedback more then any award or prize.
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Contact: +91 94147 48636