The Five Types of Birthday Wishes you get on Facebook !!

Its your B’day! In the dark ages when there was no internet, you would get a greeting card or at times even a postcard (kiddies! You might be shocked but there was something called postcards back in the day. It was like someone ripped off the half card and sent the other half.) But now in this digital age, you get a quick lightening greeting card on Facebook. Well! not always .

Here’s a guide to how precious (or worthless) online greetings may be.

1.Happy Birthday!

The more exclamation marks the closer you are to the other person.


It’s not that they don’t care . Just that they don’t care enough to type all 14 characters of a simple annual birthday greeting .

3.OMG Happy B’day to the best person i know (Insert lot of emojis here, in the middle or even in the beginning )

They are probably your best friends forever. God Bless you freaks!.

4.Cake emoji or candle emoji

They probably talk to everyone via images and would rather speak emoji .

5. ________no greeting whatsoever

We are also one of these people. Now when was your b’day again?

TYW Opinion: Nothing beats the old style wishing, a minute’s call, a card, few birthday bumps, Birthday Treat with Friends, et all. TYW urges people not to dilute those cherished moment. Cheers !!


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