The Farm. A Boutique Art Hotel |

The Farm is an experimental style space, one that combines avant garde design, an inbred sense of hospitality and an atmosphere desired from personal travel experiences.

Five Fresh Facts about The Farm

1. This is not a hotel, it’s a home, so there is no room service and yes you can chill anywhere.

2. The rooms don’t have televisions or phones either.


3. The place is away from city’s madness, and its quite peaceful and artistically designed.


4. Scrap material, discarded junk, ancient relics are all recycled and used in the most creative manner in this house.

The Farm Jaipur

5. The lounge area by the pool is always busy with people enjoying their time in there.

Unique Stuff:

If you are creative and have something in mind, they are all ears. Mail them at –

Address: 32 Surgeev Marg, Dhankiya Road, Prithvisinghpura, Bud Ke Balaji, Off Jaipur Ajmer Expressway

Contact: +91 9828023030/+91 9982223060

Check out their website here.

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