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The best relationship is loving the imperfect person in the perfect way and the moments that define WE in a relationship. This week I would be your love counselor who will provide you with Love Tarotscope. Giving a shout out to all those people who are looking for clarity.
All you need is faith, dust, pixie dust along with Weekly Tarotscope from Tarot encounters. You just got lucky as from here on I will share Tarotscope (weekly) as per your zodiac. So what are we waiting for, let’s start with Aries.

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ARIES: This week is all about reconciliation, forgiveness and getting closures on the unfinished businesses. You will be thrown into some uncomfortable situations that would require some serious thinking. Resolve all the conflicts and come to terms with those situations and people that require closure. Some of you may even have to amicably figure out a middle ground with a family member or friend. You have all the support from the higher power, ponder over the issues and patterns for you to move on. I would say a chat over coffee would be a great idea though.

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TAURUS: Hey, little fighter, we know you have been thinking a lot regarding your personal life. Everything’s going to be alright. Everything has a perfect time to happen, so sit back and enjoy the journey. Your current relationship is worth waiting for, do don’t think of giving up. Great things take time to materialize, so don’t give up and hang in there. Till then have some more date nights with your companion and build memories. Married peeps, time to be little more patient with your partner to strengthen the bond.

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GEMINI: Couples who have been thinking to start a family would start planning for it. Some of you may feel that your relationship has hit the rock bottom or getting impacted. The reason behind the same lies in childish approach in dealing with the overall situation. Analyze the whole situation, if children are having a tough time getting along with folks then, have a hearty conversation. To all the Mommys and Daddys, set some marriage goals wherein you can have more coffee dates with your partner too. Well, you can surely hire the caretaker of Calvin to take care of your kids

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CANCER: Have you ever given a thought that a major ingredient of any relationship is also passion and not just emotional connect. Yeah, you got it right. Your connect with your partner is not just restricted to emotions for each other.  Allow your passion to be a purpose in your relationship. Ignite the sparks of this awesome chemistry between you and your partner. Do something together like baking a cake or a hobby class. Go back to basics. In nutshell spend more time with your partner, it’s time to revive the passionate affair. wink wink

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LEO: Of all the passionate fiery signs, somehow I have always been more inclined to this one. Anyway, coming to your guidance clarity and clarity is all you have been looking for. The answer lies within you, if you are little confused regarding your partner (if he/she is the one) or was your ex meant for you. Then slow down, take a break and shut the mental chatter. Your heart will guide you, and you will not go wrong. If there is a calling for a person, you would know. What are you waiting for, its time to have a tête-à-tête with your heart.

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VIRGO: Hey, you stubborn kid who is trying to find peace in the mess. It’s good to be addicted to the partner, but any form of codependency can create havoc too. Your own habits and behavior has the potential ruin good things. It’s time to bid adieu to the negativity as old ways will not open new doors. It’s time to untangle the knots of your life. Don’t be a caseload for others. Condition yourself to take some constructive actions that will harness your equation with the partner.

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LIBRA: The Universe keeps sending various signals for us to connect the dots and become aware. The Universe keeps sending various signals for us to connect the dots and become aware. Sort of hidden connection. It’s up to us to ponder over it or ignore it. You, the Air sign, now isn’t the time to be oblivious to the red flags you have been noticing. If something has bothered you then it is one of the red flag. The situation is asking you to combat the issues for the longevity of relationship. It can be anything stupid to something big, but deal with it. P.S. Not necessary linked to your partner, but other people who also have a say in the relationship.

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SCORPIO: Have you met some lately you naughty boy who has stirred your emotions. I am sure you can’t fully explain the feelings you have right now. A birdie gave me the news that you aren’t far from being in a relationship if you have been single for a while now. You have been heart struck by cupid, so give yourself some time to pave your way ahead naturally. Married folks, it’s time be more expressive of your feelings. Some gestures and some romantic dates too can surely take you down the memory lane.

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SAGITTARIUS: Have you kept your walls up, you warrior. Have you been over thinking or replaying the conversation in your head. Let go of the previous chapter and start afresh. A new beginning awaits you, your knight in shining armor awaits you. All you have to do is take a leap of faith and go with the flow. Open your hearts to those who are kinder and gentle to you. They do deserve a chance to be with you. Pretty lady, its ok to ruin your lipstick and not your mascara.

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CAPRICORN: OMG! somebody is already blushing with butterflies in the stomach.  Your romantic self has been wanting to come out of the closet as you have been attracted to someone recently. Say hello to Mills & Boon, all the mushy songs, doll up as you embark a new journey of deep kisses, late night walks, and messages. Your love angels are by your side and showering you with their blessings. Committed people may get attracted to somebody else, so don’t let you mind wander here and there. Call of the hour is strengthen the existing bond by redefining relationship goals.

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AQUARIUS: Your love life needs a healthy infusion of some heart to heart conversations with your partner. What are you waiting for? It will be a stress reliever and will give you the much needed peace. The ardent need is to have some uncomfortable conversation, let your voice shiver but in the end you will pat your shoulder. Conversations like which side do you sleep or do you snore or anything that falls in your list that holds importance. Let your hope be bigger than your fear, you shall not be disappointed. Heart to heart conversations are one of the ways to keep the relationship alive and kicking beautifully.

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PISCES: Do you get this feeling many a times that your soul mate aka partner in crime hasn’t turned on the GPS. Hahahah, welcome to the gang. We don’t meet people by accident, they cross our path for a reason. And, now is the time to give a shout out to your mate- not literally. Well, the cupid is asking to really like really manifest your partner. The more you visualize and manifest, and soon you will be  seen running around trees and hiding behind bushes. That day your search for the missing piece will end. You can thank me later. P.S. Soul mate is not just restricted to our spouses, they can be our BFFs and friends too. One can be really lucky to bump into their spouses as their soul mates.

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