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With greater interest in I-beauty spreading all over the world, Indian beauty products and brands have enjoyed a boost in popularity. While many products are loved globally, there are some cult faves worth knowing about. TYW Jaipur, reveals the five most popular brands.

Forest Essential


What goes inside a Forest Essential bottle is – naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts.

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Kama Ayurveda


Kama Ayurveda uses the purest ingredients, sourced and created through traditional Ayurvedic methods to offer some genuine therapeutic care.

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Just Herbs

Just Herbs is a custom Ayurveda brand, which tailor-makes its products to suit, not only your skin type but also your mood, mental state and body composition to attain a perfect balance of the mind body and soul with the changing seasons. The only ingredients used are herbs and plant extracts.

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Skin yoga


SkinYoga sources not just the natural ingredients, but do it from the place of origin it grows naturally to produce its 100% chemical free range of skin care products.

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Pahadi Local


Pahadi Local is the Himalayan Odyssey of the skin care products. It explores the lesser known natural ingredients available in the Himalayas and use them to produce pure wellness and beauty products.

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