More is what you will say , once you have these yummy specials from Jaipur streets

TYW picks 5 must have’s from our Pink City streets which will make you wanna linger for more . These places are neat and hygienic are popular amongst the locals .


1. Statue circle cold coffee

Right there at the circumference of the statue circle, this Coffee Booth is always crowded with youngsters with their  cars parked around waiting for their coffees.This shop serves cold coffee, hot coffee and snacks. TYW recommends their cold coffee with ice-cream and chocochips and also if you want to munch in some quickies, just grab their alloo patties (hot and yum! ).

2. Nand golgappa ( VERY NICE GOLGAPPE )

I am sure their tagline manages to grab your attention. But experience it, because once you taste their mouthwatering golgappa’s, you are going to be a fan yourself. Their golgappa’s are so perfect in size and so delicate that it crumbles once you put it in your mouth. TYW gives it a thumbs up.

3.Lassiwaala( M.I. road )

It has been there since 1944, and still the best in Jaipur. You must visit there and have a look at the curd when they take it out of the clay vessels , its the freshest.There are a lot of other shops around but Lassiwaala’s quality is still better than all  others.  TYW recommends you to visit it before 1, they wrap up early!

4. Pandit  kulfi ( Hawa mahal )

Shri Pandit Kulfi Bhandar is a renowned name amongst Jaipur foodies. TYW promises you that you cant just stop at one, you will keep asking for more. TYW recommends Malai Kulfi, Kesar Pista Kulfi and Rabadi Kulfi.

Address : 110-111, Hawa Mahal Baazar, Near Hawa Mahal

5. Falahaar

Falahaar has redefined street food by making it healthier and tastier and guess what you can have it even if you are fasting. TYW recommends their sabudaana khichdi & fruit cream , mango kalakand & Sabudana Dahivada .Icing on the top, they have home delivery service available and also their shops can be found at multiple location. Ain’t that great ?

Locations :

-Saraogi Mansion , M.I. road

-K1-K2 , Trimurty , V-Jai City Point , Ahinsa Circle , C-scheme

-Shop no. 58 , Raja Park

-Shop no.1 , Purohit ji ka bagh , opposite Jaipur Motor Company , M.I Road

A-1, Vasundhara Colony, Opp. Kamal and Company, Tonk Road

-Ground Floor, Evershine Tower, Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar


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