Makeup Newbies, This Is For You. |

Makeup & grooming classes at Tangerine

Have you always wanted to learn how to put on makeup but didn’t know where to begin? The best way to ease your way into the beauty scene is to learn from beauty gurus firsthand! Tangerine comes to your rescue yet again.

Learn handy tips and tricks to skincare and master your very own day-to-night look through their personalised tutorials (Yes! they will really help you  play up your assets and find the perfect colors to match your skin tone.)

1. Personal Makeup and Grooming

Duration: 10-15 days (2- 3 hours per class)

Charges: 15000-20000

2. Personal hair grooming

Duration: 7-10 days (2- 3 hours per class)

Charges: 10,000- 15,000

Who’s the coach ?

Natasha Singh Bissau, famed stylist and the owner of Tangerine and the perfectly trained Tangerine team.

Note: Batches only for max. 2 people at a time

Address: 5 Ghanerao House, Jacob Street, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Contact: +91 (141) 2223744 / 6555661


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