Lakshman Sagar- A Surreal Rural Sojourn In The Wilderness |

A 19th century hunting lodge that now offers a romantic escape deep within the untouched parts of Rajasthan. Its serene and fresh and perfect for couples and groups who want to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. From a distance you can view the wilderness all around and catch a glimpse of the running deer and if you’re lucky, a tiger as well!

Five serene facts about Laksman Sagar

1. Luxurious cottage built in mud and stone and furnished in vibrant colors.

(Resplendent bright furnishings)  

(interesting renditions of traditional board games, inside the cottage)

(Private plunge pool for that poolside reading)

2. Airy lounge spaces for dining, with a view.

(Delectable meal)

(Catch a glimpse of the running deer or if you are lucky. perhaps even a tiger)

3.  Watch how all the food is prepared and take some traditional culinary skill, back home !



4.  A gorgeous swimming pool that’s been carved out of  a rock.

(Plunge experience of the lifetime)

5. Five fun things to indulge into

(Read that book you always wanted to at the coziest reading alcove in the world)

(Some lake side laze around)

(Star gazing in the clear sky at night)

(Get dirty for some clay moulding)

(Guided nature walks around the lake, excursions to the village where you can taste the local liquor, yoga and meditation)

Address: Raipur Road, Near Haripur Railway Station, Dist. Pali, Raipur, Rajasthan

TYW tip :Best to have a car to get around the area

Closest airport: Jodhpur airport (135 kms; 2.5 hours away)

Reservation/ Inquiries: +91 11 26494531 / 32

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