‘Jaipur Street Food’ Secrets Revealed |

When in Jaipur, eat where the locals do.

1. Kachori

-Rawat’s ‘Pyaaz ki Kachori’

TYW tip: Don’t ask for chutney, cuz they dont serve it. Its strange, but the truth is, it is best enjoyed without chutney.

Address: Rawat Sweets, Polovictory Cinema, Railway Station Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

-Kota Ratan’s ‘ Daal Kachori’

TYW tip: Ask for their green chutney, it complements the daal kachori.

Address: Ratan Kachori wala, Jagdamba Tower, Shop No. 23, Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

2. Street food

–  Pandit ki Pavbhaji

TYW tip: Finding the original Pandit ki Pavbhaji is as cumbersome as ‘Finding Nemo’, pun intended. There are more than 10 Pandit ki Pavbhaji stalls opposite, Birla Temple. So no point wasting time, in the search of the original. Choose yours. “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo”, might help.

Address: Pandit Pav Bhajiwala, Opp Birla Temple, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur

– Sanjay Omelette 


TYW tip: The owner of this place has featured in the Indian Version of ‘MasterChef’. Try their omelette pizza (in butter),egg rabri and omelette sandwich (in butter).

Address: Sanjay Omelette, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

– Sahu’s masala tea

TYW tip: It can be enjoyed anytime of the day, but mornings are preferable.

Address: Sahu Chai wala, Shop #365, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur

3. Rajasthani Thali

– Traditional Rajasthani thali at Chokhi Dhani

TYW tip: Chokhi Dhani is the place for authentic Rajasthani experience and flavour.

Address: Chokhi, Sukhdeopura Nohara, Choki Dhani, Jaipur

4. Sweet

– ‘Special Paneer Ghevar’ at LMB

TYW tip: Visit this 1727 established shop for the best ever ‘Sweet Experience’. They claim to be the inventors of this legendary sweet.

Address: Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

– ‘Lassiwala’ 

TYW tip: There are 3 shops which offer Lassi on MI road, all in a row. But the original is just “Lassiwala” and try to reach there before 2 in the noon, as they close early.

Address: Lassiwala, #315, MI Road, Jaipur

– Ramchandra ki kulfi

TYW tip: Ask for their special kulfi.

Address: Ramchandra Kulfi Bhandar, Shop #221-222, Tripoliya Bazar, Badi Choppar, Jaipur

5. Paan

-Prem Paan

TYW tip: A fresh paan of your choice (if you have a taste for it) or just ask for the bestseller. They are open beyond mid night.

Address: Prem Paan Bhandar, Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur

-Murli ke Paan

TYW tip: A fresh paan of your choice (if you have a taste for it) or just ask for the bestseller.

Address: Murli Paan Bhadar, Outside, 264, Tripolia Bazzar, Jaipur