Flavours 24 – The Yogurt Destination !

Finally a sought after yogurt destination has arrived in the town. Flavours 24, which was recently launched in the town serves an array of exciting options. You can choose from their Non Fat collection of: Flavoured Yogurt, Sugar Free Ice-cream, Coffee, Sippos and Bites.

Five Flavours to experience at Flavours 24:

1.  Why the name flavors 24?


(The cafe has 24 different amazing flavours of yogurt which are non fat based)

2. The place is first of its kind in Jaipur. A dedicated yogurt destination.


3. Products:


(Non Fat Flavored Yogurt, Sugar Free Ice-cream, Coffee, Sippos and Bites)

4. A dedicated corner for books and board games so that you can have more fun.


(They offer complimentary chalk and duster)

5. The place is centrally located.


(Opposite to this)

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Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM(all days)

Where: 10-kha- 2, Sahkar Marg, diagonally opposite Harley Davidson, Before Imli Phatak
Jaipur, India

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