F Bar & Lounge, Jaipur |

“Style is a way to to say who you are, without having to speak”

In the 14th year of its debut in India, F Bar finally opens its doors in Jaipur !! Spread over 6,000 square feet of area, with two seating options, uber cool enclosed area and a pool side roof top terrace. It’s definitely one of the most posh bars in the neighbourhood;  expect to follow the standard table reservation, dinner and drinks process.

Five things to know about the Iconic F Bar

1. Fashionable inside!

It’s all cult and fashionable in here.

Terrace with pool is awe !

2. Turn to Page 3

Media attention comes natural to F Bar.

3. Wine and Dine! Indulge!

Menu is customised to get some local flavour along with their global favourite signature drinks and dishes (everything starting with the letter F).

4. Ultimate Fashion and Party Destination

Glitz and glamour in abundance ! Ideal place for fashion launches and parties.

5. Bars open till 1 AM

Please Don’t Stop The Music ! Their resident DJ won’t.

TYW recommends:  Signature F-Cocktails (Spicy F Tiny, F Nice & Slow), Beer (Hoegaarden, Stella Artois), Mocktail (Not just guava, appletini), Flaming Lamborghini (Drinks); Fashion Week Platters, Dahi Mawe ke Kebab, Tacos, Dim Sums, F-Pizza, Rajasthan inspired dishes (Laal Maans, Mangori Satay, Lehsuni Protein Punch) (Food), DBC, Creme Brulee, F-Spl Fruit Platter with Champagne Sorbet (After Party) and F-A-S-H-I-O-N (certainly).

Unfortunately they do not offer any happy hours. But happiness is guaranteed !!

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For reservations: +91-7725988882/ 0141 3391459

Address: Golden Tulip, MI Road, Jaipur