Cuz Good Coffee is a Pleasure!

5 Things to know about ‘Curious Life Coffee Roasters’

1. They serve coffee in all forms –  roasted, brewed and they sell beans as well.

 2. A team of Coffee Brewery Experts, who serve the best coffee in town. They have perfected the art of coffee making, and the coffee they serve is brilliant, very tasty with plenty of roasts to choose from.

3. The interiors are relaxed and laid back, with comfy chairs, a book nook and those fancy old fashioned incandescent light bulbs.

4. They deliver only the absolutely fresh on demand roasted beans because they live by the Coffee Rule of 15…

A real brew is the one, in which the bean reaches your cup within…
15 months of harvest
15 days of roasting
and 15 minutes of grinding

5. Rich variety of coffee to choose from:

a) Cowkoody AA and Peaberry – Single Estate coffees from Coorg.

b) Balmaadi Organic: Single origin from Nilgiris

c) Nirvana – Speciality Arabica AA from Chikmagalur

d) Mysore Gold Nuggets – Speciality Arabica AA from Mysore gold mines

e) Monsooned Malabar – Speciality coffee, exposed to monsoon rains and sea winds on coast of Malabar

f) Tusker – A dark roasted espresso blend based on Nirvana

g) Bison – A very dark espresso blend, based on Monsooned Malabar

Check out their facebook page here.

Contact: 9828913119

Address: P 25 Yudhisthir Marg (Near Deer park) C Scheme, 302026 Jaipur

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