Cauldron Sisters – Best Food Planners In The Town !!

Parties have two sides to it. Readying it and readying for it. Later part is undoubtedly supper fun but the former part (the question what to cook? in particular) gives you stress !! To relieve you from the stress and make you concentrate more on the fun part, two sisters Ratika Bhargava and Richa Khetan have joined hands as ‘Cauldron Sisters’ to breathe life into your feast. Whether its a birthday celebration, kitty party, baby shower, or simply a get together, Keep Calm, Because Cauldron Sisters are there. They will do everything, to make your food planning effortless for all occasions. Cauldron sisters’ unique recipes and unparalleled presentation skills, are sure to make your parties WOW !!

5 Things you should know about Cauldron Sisters

1. They serve and present the food with love (with a serving capacity of 5 to 500 people)

2.They provide desserts & cakes for party flavours, wedding cards & baby birth announcement.

They even provide jar cakes & cheese cakes for return gifts distribution.

3.Sneak Peak into their hygienic kitchen setup

4.If you really love their food , dont hesitate to ask them for the cooking lessons. Yay! You heard it right. They even organise cookery classes where choice of what to learn, date and time stays with you !!

They also takes demo classes for kitty parties, kids parties, events, table etiquettes & layouts. They also plan special classes for kids!!

5. They literally cook everything that is vegan !! Dont trust us, check out their menu for yourself

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Catering Capacity: 5- 500 max

Address: Malviya nagar, Jaipur

Contact: +91-9829151769

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