Barcelos : Johannesburg to Jaipur.

Can you imagine Portuguese home-style cooking that feeds both the soul and the stomach? In the Barcelos Kitchen, more than just good food is made. They make memories and create longstanding comradery. Their newest “kitchen of good-fellowship” is situated in World Trade Park, Jaipur’ where residents of the community will be filled with laughter, great tasting food and memorable times around the dinner table.

Five spicy facts about Barcelos:

1. Barcelos is named after a quaint Portuguese town that is famous for an ancient legend of the Barcelos rooster.

2. Legendary Black and Red Burgers

Black and red burger

(red is spicy and black is black)

3. Its very-very peri-peri-licious

(their range starts from spicy and ends at spicy, its spicy all the way !!)

4. Molecular drinks

 Hey Rosey01_zpsrsvls6fp

(amidst all the spices, they guarantee to calm you down)

5. India is the 18th country, Barcelos has checked in to. And Jaipur is their Fifth outing in India.

(and everyone is happy)

TYW recommends: Peri peri sizzler, cheesy chicken espatada, mini burgers (red, white, black and regular burgers), kiwi and mango molecular mocktails, Sangria, The Bermuda, Tiramisu

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Address: Shop No. 10, World Trade Park, JLN Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Contact: +91-7877721532