Bakery Art By Gauri.

Gauri Rawat, a pastry chef graduate from prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London has come back home to offer Jaipur a taste of authentic French breads and pastries. “Bakery Art by Gauri” offers unparalleled baked goods crafted with undeniable ingenuity and flair. It offers a range of macarons, cupcakes, choux pastries, tarts, cookies,  cakes and many more delicious and addictive treats. And the best part, you won’t even regret indulging into her range of unapologetic sweet sins.

5 Tasteful Facts About “Bakery Art by Gaurie”

1. She bakes it awesome, artfully.

Soft, but not too soft, crunchy but not too brittle, ‘Bakery Art by Gauri’ has captured exactly what a macaroon’s texture should be.

This is a spellbinding example of chocolate seduction.

2. It’s not always about chocolate.



There’s no reason to stay bitter when there are too many sweet things to brighten up your day. When the world seems to be treating you a lil harshy, there’s always a good cheese cake to combat the anxiety.

3. Bakery Lab.

Each feathery bite of chauxbun incorporates a marked balance of cream, sugar, and freshness.

Roll it over with smooth textured marble cake.

5. Make your occasions memorable.

For the births…

the birthdays…

For all all other occasions.

TYW verdict: If you are yet to introduce yourself to ‘Bakery Art by Gauri’, we strongly suggest discovering what you have been missing. Whether you havve them freshly baked or you wait until later to enjoy it, it finds its way right up there with the best of them due to its rather memorable taste.

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Address: Bhagat Niwas, Sardar Patel Marg, C Scheme, opposite Dwarka Jewels, Jaipur

Order your indulgence here: +91-9829037046


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