5 Restaurants & Cafe’s From TV and Movies We Wish Were Real

  • CENTRAL PERK (Friends )

Featured in the best sitcom ever , central perk witnessed the characters’ growth throughout the 10 seasons . Rachel( Jennifer Aniston)  and Joey ( Matt LeBlanc ) were even employed here at some point and tat proves how friendly was the place to these 6 friends . The characters and relationships evolved over the 10 seasons but what remained common throughout was their friendship and Central Perk . The cafe-a jumble of small stools ,chairs ,varied lamps & artwork and giant mugs ( loved them ) provided a cozy setting for hangout .It was like the second home for the friends . A special mention for the orange couch , placed right in the centre and always reserved for the six friends .

  •  The Three Broomsticks( Harry Porter)

The Three Broomsticks is one of the major attractions of Hogsmeade for the staff of Hogwarts, and the students on their infrequent Hogsmeade weekends. Located on the main street of Hogsmeade village, it is a warm and cheerful place, presided over by Madam Rosemerta, a warm, cheerful, and curvaceous witch.The Three Broomsticks is an inn and pub and is often warm, crowded, and a bit smoky, but clean and welcoming. A mirror behind the bar reflects the cosy atmosphere, and drinks such as Butterbeer and Firewhiskey are served in glasses and in foaming pewter tankards, as well as gillywater, mulled mead , red currant rum , and even cherry syrup and soda with ice and an umbrella. Some of the major revelations occur at The Three Broomsticks in The Harry Potter series .

  • Jane’s bakery (it’s complicated )

Jane( Meryl streep ) is a successful bakery owner in Santa Barbara .The place is wide and huge , so welcoming and pretty packed at times . Jane seems to have a magic touch when it comes to pastries . How this talented chef prepares her famous chocolate croissants in a sequence of the movie . The amazing   Meryl Streep’s presence makes the bakery more special and yes of course the deserts .

  • Gusteau’s (Ratatouille)

Don’t be scared because this rat means business and here a rat in the kitchen means something good . Remy is an idealistic and ambitious young rat, gifted with highly developed senses of taste and smell. Inspired by his idol, the recently deceased chef Auguste Gusteau, Remy dreams of becoming a cook himself. Remy ultimately uses his skill in the movie and becomes the head chef at Gusteau’s. If Remy’s signature dish, ratatouille, is good enough to woo restaurant critic Anton Ego’s stringent taste buds, then surely it will pass the test on our pallets  .

  • Omeletteville(Saturday Night Live)

Because Justin Timberlake dancing while dressed as a giant egg was something we didn’t know we needed in life.

The competition at Benny’s may be serving up Rootin’ Tootin’ Fresh ‘n Fruitin’, but Justin Timberlake knows how to make jack-and-cheese eggs sound far more enticing with his breakfast themed mix to “Who Let The Dogs Out.”




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